FlashCell is a new privately funded company specialized in the development of RNA carriers for therapeutic applications. 

Based on the licensed and proprietary non-integrative LentiFlashTM technology, FlashCell will address many disease areas such as cancer, viral or genetic diseases by developing innovative treatments mediated by RNA delivery.  

  • Owned by Vectalys and Auriga Partners, FlashCell has successfully raised a first round of €1.5 million of capital to fund its creation and first steps of its development. 
  • FlashCell will have a privileged access to Vectalys research and future GMP lentiviral production platform to conduct own targeted therapeutic programs, but also co-development & licensing agreements with biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.

RNA delivery mediated by LentiFlashTM Technology

The LentiFlashTM technology is a game-changing class of RNA carriers based on a chimeric lentiviral platform including a bacteriophage packaging system. 

The strength of FlashCell is to leverage a new generation of lentiviral vectors, which allow RNA delivery without integration of the transferred genetic material into the genomic DNA of target cells.

Such viral delivery system offers the advantage of a lentiviral vector combined with an important safety consideration for human use.

Therapeutic Applications

FlashCell is committed to developing gene editing and immunotherapy programs for therapeutic purposes. All of targeted strategies must entail a mechanism that requires only a transient expression in order to edit genomic DNA or prime cells

Antiviral strategies

  • The goal is to knockout genes by using an ex vivo cell therapy to prevent viral infection or replication. 

Cancer immunotherapies

  • Adoptive T-cell immunotherapy gives impressive results in lymphoma, leukemia and melanoma clinical trials. Combining such approaches with gene-editing techniques can enhance both the efficacy against diverse tumor types and the manufacturing of cell products.

Immunotherapies and cell therapies

  • New approaches require that patient cells be genetically modified. To make these new gene therapies viable in the clinic, a reliable method for introducing antigens or effective factors into target cells safely and effectively is essential. 

Co-development programs & licensing partnerships 

During the next two years, FlashCell will reach preclinical proof of concept stages for the gene editing and immunotherapy programs which we are currently developing with academic teams.

In parallel, FlashCell will implement revenue-generating collaborative research and licensing partnerships in the therapeutic areas of oncology, muscular disorders and others.

The FlashCell objective is to complete the preclinical development of its proprietary therapeutic program in 2018 and to start the first-in-man clinical trial in 2020.